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FLOW DISC is a powerful portal of Cosmic energies with which you can experience Flow states.

FLOW means flow of energy. Flow states are states of direct connection of self to the Universal Source. Flow Disc works in many ways and on many levels. It brings different gifts to each person at any given moment.

It has a unique material composition and its design is the pure essence of Sacred Cosmic Geometry. Flow Disc is a powerful Shape Shaper. It has a positive effect on the state of the chakras and the Aura. Improves ambient air quality. Massages the reflex points on the feet. It harmonizes the surrounding energies. It supplies beneficial and necessary substances in trace amounts. Supports meditative states. It encourages new patterns of thinking. It returns the states called. “to point zero”.

Experience from using disco shows that disco acts like a pyramid and is therefore a practical “portable” option for working with this kind of energy.


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Currently this version of Flow Disc is sold out and we are working on new discs. It is possible to order the disc in the e-shop and thus make a reservation. The expected date of loading is mid-June.


FLOW DISC HumanRelax – Cosmic Pyramid Portal
FLOW DISC can become your unique multifunctional personal assistant, as it has positive effects on many levels.
The FLOW DISC is an extremely powerful shape radiator that incorporates the basic principles of the Cosmic Sacred Geometry from which all energy and all matter in the Cosmos is formed.
The FLOW DISC also works at the same time with the special CCB material mixture from which it is made. It is a high-strength mixture based on pure crystalline crystal, a special form of enriched carbon (Carbometum®), barite, monoatomic gold and monoatomic platinum.

Basic action of FLOW DISC
The FLOW DISC SHIFT connects with powerful Cosmic Sacred Geometry to Source, putting into a FLOW state the flow and flow of energies of all kinds.
SPECIAL BLEND CCB charges, vitalizes and harmonizes the energy field with its special material, crystalline and monoatomic composition. It also has a positive effect by creating negative ions in the air.
STOP SUBSTANCES Carbon, Gold, Platinum and others in FLOW DISC deliver to the feet through the pores e.g. the necessary natural trace amounts of carbon.
The FLOW DISCU massage profile relieves stress by acting on the reflex points of the feet.

The composition of the special CCB compound from which the FLOW DISC is made:
The CCB special blend contains the following ingredients in significant quantities: very pure crystalline crystal 40% (crystal purity is higher than 99.4%), Baryte 20%, Carbometum®. The noble components are bonded together and cured with a high-strength cementitious binder. The CCB blend is also unique in terms of the Auric component, i.e. in terms of the transfer of info-energy flows and fields. In the production of the CCB mixture, special information-treated water containing billions of atoms of monoatomic Gold and monoatomic Platinum is used.
When FLOW DISC is handmade, especially by hand mixing natural materials, a unique look is created. Each FLOW DISC is an original. There are no two alike. FLOW DISC is characterized by its individuality, colour irregularity, irregular distribution of pores in the surface and their different size, shape or number, as well as the possible occurrence of surface micro-porosities. The FLOW DISC has a special hand-applied finish.

Occasionally, mini holes may appear here and there on the surface of the Flow Disc. It’s perfectly all right. They’re basically the remnants of mini bubbles. The magic of the CCB blend is that it contains many pieces of crystal, and sometimes they don’t allow the blend to go into every mini space. It’s not a machine moulding of plastic. It’s handmade and it’s basically stone. That’s why every piece is original. It is not about machine production, where there is no room for random or natural movement of the elements. Nature does not work in this machine-like way. Flow Disc does. Its uniqueness is its strength. Nature needs freedom, space, so that unique connections can be made. Flow Disc is like a handmade stone crystal Disc.

The main observed effect of the FLOW DISC Shape Radiator is the Individual connection to Source and the opening of the chakras. This can manifest itself as a predominantly high degree of inner relaxation, a sense of calm, peace, unification, merging, greater trust in Creation, and also greater self-confidence, a clearer view of oneself, a deeper perception of one’s own potential, a clearer perception of what I want and don’t want, … This state leads to the opening of the pathway to the Heart, and this leads to the release of stresses, pressures and fears in general. Creativity is growing, new patterns of thinking are coming. Energetically, there may be so-called. “reset”, i.e. to a completely new more harmonious arrangement of energy flows and connections. Thanks to this, quantum leaps can happen qualitatively.
The natural use of the FLOW DISC is to stand on it, it is also possible to place it under a table and have your feet placed on it, ideally barefoot, so that the skin of the feet is in contact with the surface. It is also possible to use the FLOW DISC on the dining table to place food, fruit, vegetables, water and other beverages on it. The disc can be stroked with the palms of the hands and feet to receive energy and massage the acupressure points. FLOW DISC can be placed in the shower and relax on it while cleansing with water. FLOW DISC can be placed under the bed or sleep directly on it (cover the relief with a blanket). It is also possible to relax on the heated FLOW DISC. It can be heated with hot water or for heating etc. Its mineral components keep the heat for a pleasantly long time. The greatest benefit is gained by warming up with life-giving Solar energy, as FLOW DISC also works with the information field.

FLOW DISC supports meditation states.
FLOW DISCEM can also be used to cleanse and harmonize spaces from harmful radiation and harmful energies.
Another separate chapter is the effect of FLOW DISC on consciousness. FLOW DISC can be consciously observed and meditatively focused on its pattern. Each may have unique individual connections to the so-called. inner or higher worlds. To support deeper inner work with FLOW DISC, we have also created special FLOW DISC relaxation audios, including binaural variants for reaching Aplha, Delta and Theta levels, which can be found at www.humanrelax.com. You can also sit on the FLOW DISC while meditating and thus exert a strong influence on the main spinal channels of Sushumna, Idu and Pingala. You can later activate the connection created in this way, e.g. even just by listening to special relaxing music FLOW DISCU. Creativity knows no limits. We therefore encourage you to play and find your own individual ways of consciously using FLOW DISC.

What to avoid when using FLOW DISC:
The surface of the FLOW DISC is treated with several layers of special deep impregnation for long-term surface protection. It is a highly durable colourless protective film, suitable for interior and exterior use, which, if properly treated, will keep the surface protected for years. It does not form any closed layer, does not close pores and capillaries and allows FLOW DISC to breathe naturally.
– FLOW DISCU surface protection against alkalis and light acids penetrates to a depth of 5 mm and does not alter the physical properties or optics of the treated surface.
– surface protection is suitable for direct contact with food, antibacterial and resistant to temperatures up to 80°C, it can be washed with warm water from the order.
– surface protection prevents dirt from adhering to the surface of the FLOW DISC. Dirt can be easily removed with a soft sponge or cloth, dry or wet.
– due to the hydrophobic surface of the material, you can do with water or non-aggressive cleaning agents.
– Do not let larger dirt dry on the surface, but remove it immediately.
– remove oils and grease immediately, otherwise the impregnation may be compromised and the degree of protection reduced. It can leave stains with prolonged exposure.
– Do not use concentrated cleaners or abrasive cleaners, abrasive and polishing pastes or powders. Do not use polishes or other products containing oils, waxes, acetone, or thinners on the surface.
– undiluted essential oils, polishing pastes, aggressive cleaners and concentrates can damage the finish of the product.
In all the cases mentioned above, this is only an impairment of the impregnation, not an interference with the structure of the FLOW DISC.
The FLOW DISC is fitted with pads on the underside to prevent damage to the floor or table.

FLOW DISC is successfully tested against breakage for loads up to 170 kg. It is possible to stand and jump on it. Avoid dropping the FLOW DISC when using and handling it!!!!

Some part of it could break off or the relief could be damaged. With gentle handling, you get a unique guide and helper for many years of use in the FLOW DISC.

Weight of the disc is 5,5kg, diameter of the disc is 417mm, height of the disc is 25mm

Producer: Human Relax, Czech Republic,

Warranty: 24 months for surface protection,included are replacement protective stickers that stick to the underside of the disc and protect the pad and disc from damage.

A free complement to FLOW DISC is the relaxing FLOW DISC audio video and also four special binaural FLOW DISC audio videos (in Alpha, Beta, Delta, Theta levels) for further inner work with Cosmic Codes and for activating DNA potentials.

Additional information

Weight 5,5 kg
Dimensions 417 × 417 × 25 cm