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Flow Disc was developed by Human Relax. It has the symbol of Libra and Merkaba in its emblem. On the Libra plates is Man and Relaxation, as everything is about balance.



Flow Disc with various adjustments


We can’t help but try to incorporate other noble materials and elements into Flow Disco. Over time, different modifications and different designs are created.

NOBLE MATERIALS. On the surface of Flow Disc we are trying to add pure flake Gold, pure flake Silver, various types of Crystals (Crystal, Aquamarine, Lapis Lazuli, Rose Quartz, Jade, Sodalite, Amethyst, Czech Garnets, Carnelian and others), Oak Wood, surface Carbometal, Resin… We are curious what further developments regarding added noble materials will bring.

NEW ELEMENTS AND DESIGN. We are also exploring the use of applying noble colour pigments, some of which are interesting in that they emit a subtle dim light in the dark, creating mesmerising light patterns and shapes. We are constantly surprised by new and new possibilities. One of them, for example, is to apply a rough surface to part of the Flow Disc, creating interesting contrasts.

FOCUS AND INTENT. Over time, we are also finding that there is interest from clients in tailoring Flow Disco to a specific user, for example, for better recovery from a specific long-term or serious illness. In this case, it is a good idea to be guided by the targeting of the client when creating the Flow Disc. Such work, though laborious and demanding, is meaningful, fulfilling and exploratory.


Here in the gallery, you can see some of the Flow Disc customizations
deeper info on the included cosmic geometry

deeper info on the contained cosmic geometry


A deeper understanding of basic Cosmic principles such as Sacred Geometry, Cosmic Numerology, Cosmic Symbolism, the Language of the Universe, and Energetic Processes, all bring a deeper connection to the Cosmic forces that shape the Universe.

Consciousness, and whether we think of Cosmic Consciousness or our own consciousness, just consciousness in general, consciousness as such is the driving force and mover of events. Not the matter. Consciousness is the driver of events, it is the cause of causality. Consciousness shapes energy, Consciousness creates. And that is why a deeper understanding of basic Cosmic principles can be so helpful in our lives.

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Below you will find links with various interrelated topics that we have been exploring for a long time and have worked with in depth so far. We highly recommend exploring them more deeply. If you find in them your “AHA” information, or something you resonate with, then we will be satisfied that we were able to contribute in a small way to a new and deeper perception of the world.


recommended for Flow Disc


VIA HUMAN + SERAPHINE CENTER has been researching, exploring, developing, creating, and at the same time producing, in various fields of Energies, Symbolism, Numerology, Materials, Water Harmonizers, Space Harmonizers, etc. for some time now. One of our other creations is the Flow Disc. Everything is holistically related to everything. That is why we believe that many of our other creations are in holistic harmony with the Energies and information matrix hidden in the Flow Disc. Together they can create synergistic effects with the Flow Disc.

  • For example, VIA HUMAN’s wonderful Harmonizing Water Carafe, charged with the energies of the Flow Disc, can benefit people with the miraculous effects of vibrated conscious water.
  • Harmonizing Crystal Cups, Harmonizing Crystal Candleholders, …
  • Another example: after studying the amazing Cosmic Numerology from the SERAPHINE CENTER using the LIGHT NUMBER CARDS, new realms of unlimited creative potential can be awakened when using Flow Disc.
  • Another extremely powerful entity to the pyramidal Flow Disc may be the singing crystal Pyramid.


We, therefore, present to you with permission our tips on what might be beneficial to link with the effects of Flow Disc.