Your experience with Flow Disc

It is amazing how varied and rich the experiences of Flow Disc users are. Flow Disc seems to be a powerful Cosmic portal. It turns out to be an entirely new or novel tool for self-development. Its wide-ranging effects therefore continually surprise and amaze us. We think it will only be good if we share these experiences with each other, to expand our horizons. Below you will find the authentic experiences of Flow Disc users.


This is our heartfelt thanks to Flow Disc users for sharing their personal experiences with us. We wish you to EnJOY life, and may you experience valuable moments with Flow Disc.

Jana Stadaniova

“The first few days, based on your recommendations, were just sort of getting acquainted. I have already written to you that I have a cat, a British blue. She avoids human touch, and lacks that famous feline affection. Since day one, Flow Disc has been her place to lie on several times a day. I’ve had her for almost 5 years now and believe me, she won’t touch anything. But why am I writing to you mainly about her…. Because I think animals are smarter than us because they stay connected. And if anyone is going to evaluate anything, it’s going to be her in this case. When I use Flow Disc, wherever she is, she comes running to me. She follows me with her gaze, lingering on a cat for an unprecedented amount of time. It’s so strange. Like she’s seeing something else. She perceives me differently. And if I touch her in that Flow state, she can’t get enough of the touch.
In contact with Flow Disc, it’s as if my physical body has given way in priority to something else. Like in meditation. With the difference that I don’t have to do anything with the Disc. I just stand on it and surrender to it. It’s a connection. It’s like a connection between “Heaven and Earth”. In meditation I lose myself in unity, with the Flow Disc I become more aware of perhaps a subtle body. But that connection is the most important and the most powerful. It is as if the Flow Disc, through the touch of my feet, roots my body in the Earth, but sends my Soul Home.”

Stanislav Rössler, M.D.

“At first I had a Flow Disc under my bed, but at night I had to put it away, I couldn’t sleep, that was at the beginning, now I don’t mind anymore and I sleep well. Otherwise, I don’t feel any sensations subjectively, but my daughter Zuzana (she has a crystal pyramid and a crystal cup from you) feels vibrations all over her body, trembling in her stomach and dizziness in her head, she prefers not to go to it much if she is with us. It is too strong for her. She herself is very sensitive to energies in general. My wife feels vibrations in her feet when she stands barefoot on the Flow Disc. I often use the muscle test at work, I did a little experiment at home: for my wife, the muscle test showed a weak reaction in the lumbar patella and colon, then she stood on the Flow Disc and the muscle was firm, repeatedly. Even the muscle test is solid when she stands on the Disc and has her cell phone to her head, which is otherwise impossible without the Flow Disc. The experiment was the same with me, my wife can do the muscle test, the arm is firm everywhere, even with the cell phone near my head, if I stand on the Flow Disc.”

Miluse Siedekova

“I am still testing and monitoring the Flow Disc and myself. At night I put the Flow Disc in my drawer under my bed. I keep it approximately in the heart area. The first night I experienced something strange and beautiful at the same time… At about 3 o’clock at night, I was awakened by a sound… it is impossible to describe… and in the area of my heart chakra, a spiral appeared, as if created from the night sky of many, many colours… Since then, at 62 years old, I have been gaining energy. I felt tired all the time and I had no desire to do anything. Now everything is different. Among other things, I’ve started cycling again. Another change is that I can handle the high summer temperatures much better. I never liked the heat. A great investment for me.”

Petr Krizek (mystery school)

“As a lecturer of spiritual development courses, I have gotten into the habit of taking the Flow Disc with me in my car to weekend events and evening classes and I make it available to people before the start of the class because it gives them a nice energy boost. I like the fact that especially at the beginning, when you stand on it, even people who otherwise say they don’t feel much energy yet feel a rush of energy. That’s a big benefit. Everyone (perhaps all I know about) feels very quickly that it does something to them, that is, that energy starts to flow through the body. It feels to me like such a quick kick of earth healing energy through the chakras on the feet, and this can then have different effects on different people depending on what each person needs at the time. It reminds me a bit of the Pharaoh’s sceptres in that way.

I myself have it under my desk at the PC and I have my bare feet on it and it’s nice and soothing.”

Robert Jisa

“I gave the Flow Disc to a loved one after a few months of use. I am now going to order another one for myself. First of all, I was surprised by the actual feeling of the Flow Disc when I first held it in my hand. It is much heavier than I had anticipated and although I am unable to describe exactly WHY, I felt a strong energy and a sort of instant anchoring that it brought. A feeling of stability. Visually, it is a beautiful object that even as a formerly technically educated person, now a music composer, so also at least partially technically oriented (you can’t compose music using intuition alone) professional, I was fascinated from the beginning in the complexity of the information, the messages, the codes through which it speaks to the environment. When I had it in my music studio, its effect was calming but mainly balancing the energy flowing through the space. I felt better focused, less tired and a certain pleasantly active calm. It also created an atmosphere of energy and stability in the bedroom. It was as if it could be neutral in moments when one is alone with oneself and actively encouraging in moments when the body lacks energy and needs support.

Overall, I am convinced that the Flow Disc is a good tool for stabilizing both body and soul and I would recommend it as a gift anytime.”

Linda Samaraweera (choreographer, dance and yoga instructor)

“I find the Flow Disc visually pleasing. But I like to use it the most during meditation, I sit on it and very quickly I start to feel that more energy is flowing through my spine, that the energy channel in my spine is opening up and strong energy is flowing up from below (without Flow Disc during meditation this feeling also sometimes occurs, but not always, and not so quickly… usually during meditation without Flow Disc my physical body dissolves, so no spine plays no role anymore…).With Flow Disc it is similar to acupuncture, but in acupuncture I feel a weak flow in the meridian where the needle is located, when I sit on Flow Disc I always feel it in my spine. It is also nice to stand on the Flow Disc, then I feel the energy flowing upwards through my legs. Otherwise, I keep the Flow Disc under my bed, I find it comfortable during sleep. However, during my period I had to put the Flow Disc to my feet (it was originally at my head) and I felt that during my period the upward energy was too strong because of the position of the Flow Disc at my head, after I put the Flow Disc under the bed to my feet, the menstrual pains stopped.”

Sarka Novakova ( Access Bars therapist)

“We are getting used to each other. First knowledge with Flow Disc: in the evening I sat with it, in different ways, with my feet on it. As I went to sleep, I realized that I felt different. It was as if my condition had been elevated. Inner peace was greater, contentment, insight, well-being, all from different levels. Expanded, bigger. A perception of myself as if more in unity and awareness of connections.”

Alena Kucerova

“I have Flow Disc at home, we’ve been introducing ourselves for a while, and now it’s a friend by the couch. I think it has given me peace of mind and that’s a big deal with me. It’s probably given me two migraines as well, which always put me out of order for a day, but that’s going to be kind of the kick that shifts me. Warning. I know what to do, at least I think I do. I definitely notice that if I’m in direct contact with Flow Disc, I see more sharply, and by a lot. It’s nice to be one of the first in something, I never even hoped for that. I’d love to have a Flow Disc on my desk too, but when I put it there it takes up a lot of space and it doesn’t fit anymore with food for the family. Would you consider a smaller size?

And when you lie on it, it relaxes your chest beautifully.”