material composition and action

mixture “CCB” – pure Crystal, CARBOMETUM®, Barite, Gold, Platinum


People generally love crystals, stones and natural materials. They feel they act on our bodies with harmonizing principles.

Flow Disc’s material composition is based on the latest research and state-of-the-art patented technologies, as well as at the same time on mankind’s ancient knowledge of the effects of crystals and minerals on biofields. Thus, a special vitalising and harmonising mixture “CCB” was gradually developed.

The CCB blend contains the maximum possible amount of pure crystalline crystal (40%), while the purity of the crystal is higher than 99.4%. This exceptional natural crystalline blend is further complemented by the special revitalizing ingredient CARBOMETUM®, which works together with the crystal to create synergistic harmonizing effects. This special blend also contains billions of dispersed atoms of super pure Gold (purity greater than 99.99%) and billions of atoms of Platinum (purity greater than 99.99%).

Imagine you are sitting at your computer with a mesmerizingly beautiful Disc under your desk, and when you put your tired feet on it, the first thing you feel is a nice reflexive foot massage. In the next moment, you will also feel an energetic relaxation thanks to the special composition of the Flow Disc material.

C = Crystal




B = Barite

cleanses from radiation


Barite is the perfect material for shielding out the ever-present harmful radiation. The barite component in the mixture can almost miraculously cleanse a space of the harmful effects of ubiquitous radiation (WIFI, electromagnetic radiation, transmitters, cell phones, radio frequency radiation, etc.) Ubiquitous electromagnetic smog with radiofrequency radiation is the bogeyman of the future, as their levels are literally multiplying every year.

demonstration of the high efficiency of the Flow Disc

The video documents the measurement of harmful radiation generated from various sources, namely a mobile phone, an LED bulb, a WiFi router, a laptop and a fluorescent lamp. The measurement shows values with and without the Flow Disc. In addition to the electric field strength (V/m), the radiation density mW/m² was also measured for a WiFi router operating at a very harmful frequency of 5.4 GHz.

In all cases, enormous values of radiation attenuation were measured. This attenuation of radiation is directly equal to the degree of cleaning the space from harmful radiation. E.g. with a WiFi router, the cleaning rate is around an incredible 93%. If we take into account all measured types of radiation sources, then the average value of cleaning with Flow Disc is 85%.

Measured with EMF meter TRIFIELD, model TF2. Parameters: Electric_Frequency Range 40 Hz – 100 KHz, Accuracy ±5% @ 50/60 Hz, Maximum Range 1000 V/m, Sensitivity (Resolution) 1 V/m. RF Microwave_Frequency Range 20 MHz – 6 GHz, Accuracy ±20% @ 1 GHz, Maximum Range 19.999 mW/m2, Sensitivity (Resolution) 0.001 mW/m2.

At the beginning of our efforts to create a mixture beneficial to living organisms, the intention was to use a great Swiss patent. This is CARBOMETUM®, which is an important component of the CCB mix. CARBOMETUM® is a special patented process of vitalized carbon to which special particles of selected minerals, metals and also silicon are bonded. The strength of CARBOMET is also that it contains components of the five elements.

CARBOMETUM® has strong and measurable revitalizing effects on biofields due to the bound substances and elements. The discoverer of the vitalizing treatment of carbon is Swiss ing. Karl Grieder. Many entire buildings have been constructed from this mixture, e.g. Rudolf Steiner’s school in Pratteln, Switzerland, which has demonstrated very strong bioenergetic healing effects.

In addition to the vitalizing function of the Swiss CARBOMETUM® blend, the biological carbon contained in the FLOW DISC also results in desirable transfers of trace amounts of carbon. What is it good for? Nature knows no shoes, and therefore everything that walks on planet Earth constantly absorbs trace amounts of carbon through the skin, which is, for example, in the form of ash everywhere on the Earth’s surface. Human bodies are perfectly designed and therefore adapted to trace carbon. The very construction of the human body is completely based on carbon structures. Human bodies are meant to be in physical contact with the earth and its minerals and its grounding energy field. We now know that the positive influence of natural trace amounts of carbon is far greater than ever suspected before. This is the subject of many modern sophisticated patents (e.g. the ingenious “Hanák Shoes” healthy shoe system takes full advantage of this). Carbon is an essential element of all life on Earth, forming chains in the body. Its job is to prevent the transfer of valence electrons between other elements so that unwanted biochemical processes do not occur in the body. Carbon has anti-odour, antibacterial, and antifungal properties. and creates a hygienic environment (it is e.g. suitable for people with diabetic problems, gangrene, tibial ulcers, moulds, etc.).

Billions of atoms of Gold and Platinum in the Flow Disc

The special CCB blend is also unique in terms of the Auric component (in terms of the transfer of info-energy fields.) This is significantly supported in the CCB blend by the even dispersion of super-pure Gold and Platinum at the atomic level (purity greater than 99.99%). In the production of the CCB mixture, special information-treated water containing monoatomic Colloidal Gold and Platinum is used. Everything is further vibrated in the singing Crystal Pyramids. Here more about it

Gold + vibration

Gold has the symbol Au because it is called AURUM (emanation). This emanation can read the Human Aura. Gold helps to harmonize the Human Aura, and not only that. Gold has always been used for expanding consciousness, for spiritual work. The oldest texts from ancient times state that gold is not a material, but a spiritual substance. Gold calms helps to perspective, expands consciousness, increases IQ, harmonizes, increases neuronal conductivity, improves memory, and increases creativity. We are also direct producers of vibrated pure Colloidal Gold. Each Flow Disc (and CCB blend in general), contains billions and billions of Gold atoms in total. Learn more about our colloids here.

Platinum + vibration

When Platinum is combined with Gold, there is an increase in intuition synchronicity and awareness of it. Platinum allows for an increase of awareness in one’s own life. It helps to translate thoughts into reality. Platinum helps to purify the connection between etheric bodies. It improves their communication and energy exchange. It directs a person from duality to unity. We better perceive the chains of cause and effect. We do not react with retaliation, we do not create polarity and thus negative karma. We are better able to remain calm, and impartial, and act more naturally with kindness. Platinum helps us to be in both different realities at the same time. It connects to the Source. Learn more about our colloids here.

An example of how much Barite (1.1 Kg) is contained in a Flow Disc. The amazing cleaning Barites make up 20% of the Flow Disc material.
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Personal experience of a doctor who uses Flow Disc

Stanislav Rössler, MD:

“…I often use the muscle test at work, I did an experiment: for my wife the muscle test showed a weak reaction in the lumbar spine and colon, then she stood on the Flow Disc and the muscle was firm, repeatedly. Even the muscle test is solid when she is standing on the Disc and has her cell phone to her head, which is otherwise impossible without the Flow Disc. The experiment was the same with me, my wife can do the muscle test, the arm is firm everywhere, even with the cell phone near my head, if I stand on the Flow Disc.”

The combination of Barite and Sacred Cosmic Geometry proves to be a very effective solution to eliminate the harmful radiation of cell phones.
More personal experiences with Flow Disc can be found here