Effects of Flow Disc


The state of the chakras mirrors our overall current state and the quality of our connection to the Source.


If something has the gift of positively affecting and opening the chakras, then we are following the best possible path. The path to the Source, Light, Harmony, and Health. We are very happy that FLOW DISC has a very positive effect on the chakras. In the attached example of a specific measurement, we can see an extraordinary increase in the strengthening of each chakra after only a few days of FLOW DISC use.

A concrete example of an exact measurement:

  • woman 42 years old
  • exposed to FLOW DISC for 11 days (3 times a day, 15 minutes)
  • chakra and aura measurements made with the AURA VIDEO STATION 7

Overall evaluation of the measurement: exposure to FLOW DISC, about 3 times a day for 15 minutes for 11 days, had a significant effect on the overall strengthening of the Aura and the chakras, colouring the Aura with new thoughts, ideas and consciousness. It also showed that further action on the communication chakra was still appropriate.

The overall result is INCREASE and BALANCING of approximately 50%, during the 11-day Flow Disc testing.

The measurements were made by Lukas Hudecek, www.oazahalenkovice.cz

legend to the chakra depiction

  • circular = harmonic chakra activity
  • oval = slightly unbalanced
  • large = high energy activity
  • small = insufficiently active
  • radiant = high positive chakra energy
  • dark = low and unbalanced energy

Aura yellow, orientation to the solar plexus chakra, which requires attention, release of psychic burdens, need to find the inner strength to open the heart and allow it to come into balance. Radiating blue from the right side requires communication, which is associated with finding inner strength in the solar chakra.

1st chakra, life force, stability in life good 50%

2nd chakra, creativity and vital force, good 50%

3rd chakra, strength, willpower, cloudy, exhausted, 30%

4th chakra, heart, contracted, not flowing, 20%

5th chakra, communication not flowing, 20%

6th chakra, intuition/reason, average 40%

7th chakra, connection, weak 20%

Aura turned blue, concentration of energy in communication, for resolving the necessary in life. A general upliftment of energy into the higher chakras. The right side (right hand) radiates purple, which is the spiritual realm and spirituality. A more conscious, receptive person. Overall weakening of the lower chakras, due to the elevation of the woman’s consciousness into the higher chakras.

1st ch., decrease and weakening, 20%

2nd chakra, decrease and weakening, 30%

3rd chakra, cleansing has occurred, but still energetically weak, 30%

4th chakra, heart strengthened, 40%

5th chakra, strengthening of communication 50%

6th chakra, further growth of intuition, 60%

7th chakra, 30%, slight increase

Aura green, heart chakra orientation.

A sign of alignment and anchoring to the heart.

Entering red from the left side, stability coming in.

Radiating yellow on the right side indicates mental and emotional equanimity.

1st chakra, weak 20%

2nd chakra, strong 40%

3rd chakra, very strong 60%

4th chakra, strong 50%

5th chakra, strong 50%

6th chakra, very strong 60%

7th chakra, waiting for the first chakra, then the crown chakra, weak 20%

The aura has become coloured, there is the action of multiple levels of consciousness, new ideas, and vitalisation.

A general strengthening of the chakras and aura.

Dark blue is coming in from the left, more intuition.

Purple is radiating – spiritual consciousness.

1st chakra, nice 50% anchorage.

2nd chakra, vital creative force, beautiful 60%

3rd chakra, cleared, resolved, illuminated, strong chakra 60%

4th chakra, heart illuminated, strong 60%

5th chakra, slightly weakened 30%

6th chakra, beautiful 60%

7th chakra, balanced at 40%

demonstration of cleaning space from harmful radiation with Flow Disc

The video documents the measurement of harmful radiation generated from various sources, namely a mobile phone, an LED bulb, a WiFi router, a laptop and a fluorescent lamp. The measurement shows values with and without the Flow Disc. In addition to the electric field strength (V/m), the radiation density mW/m² was also measured for a WiFi router operating at a very harmful frequency of 5.4 GHz. In all cases, enormous values of radiation attenuation were measured. This attenuation of radiation is directly equal to the degree of cleaning the space from harmful radiation. E.g. with a WiFi router, the cleaning rate is around an incredible 93%. If we take into account all measured types of radiation sources, then the average value of cleaning with Flow Disc is 85%.

Measured with EMF meter TRIFIELD model TF2. Parameters: Electric_Frequency Range 40 Hz – 100 KHz, Accuracy ±5% @ 50/60 Hz, Maximum Range 1000 V/m, Sensitivity (Resolution) 1 V/m. RF Microwave_Frequency Range 20 MHz – 6 GHz, Accuracy ±20% @ 1 GHz, Maximum Range 19.999 mW/m2, Sensitivity (Resolution) 0.001 mW/m2.

revitalizing effects of CCB blend on biofields

The CCB mixture contains a special enriched carbon that creates beneficial negatively charged air ions at the atomic level. 

        • harmonizes surrounding energies and heals the space
        • warms with piezoelectric effect
        • helps to clear geo-pathogenic zones
        • clears harmful high-frequency radiation
        • creates health-giving negative oxygen ions in its surroundings
        • supplies the feet with trace amounts of carbon through the pores
        • leads to improved breathing (healthy breathing is the foundation of health)
        • relieves the symptoms of asthma and allergies
        • strengthens the immune system of children and adults
        • increases the ability to concentrate
        • harmonises the Aura of the being
        • improves the connection of the etheric bodies

VITALITY is a technical term that means “benefit for life.” Today, Vitality is already commonly measured and quantified, e.g. by the state of plant development.

Ways in which bioenergetic effects are precisely demonstrated:

  • EAV (electroacupuncture according to Voll)
  • Biorezonance
  • GDV visualization of the release of gas molecules (photo of the so-called Aura)

Chaotically arranged material, e.g. concrete shows about 4,000 Bovis units.

People have found that an environment that is comprehensively healthy for humans and that does not deplete them exhibits about 6,000 Bovis units.

The CCB Human Relax special blend shows around 9,000 Bovis units and above.

Photographed by Kirlian photography

The biofield remains even after the leaf is torn off

demonstration of the influence of the Flow Disc on the molecular structure of water

Modern research by a scientific team led by Dr. Gerard Pollack has shown that the human cell is 98.7% water molecules in number (not in volume or mass). Human cells have different compositions. The value of 98.7% is an average value. What is the significance of this phenomenal finding that in terms of the number of molecules, we are almost 99% water? If we imagine that different energies and information are supposed to flow through the body and

its meridians and various other pathways, then it must gradually "jump" from one molecule to another. So in general, 99 times it has to jump between water molecules and 1x between another molecule. The quality of the information and energy transfer is therefore 99% dependent on the state of the water molecules. If the water molecules are in such an arrangement that their bonds are organized, forming a regular crystalline arrangement, then they conduct information and energy without loss. Similar to, for example, a laser where it flows through a crystal. The body then functions as it should. However, if it does not create regular structures, then information and energy splinter in all directions and sides and do not reach its destination without loss.

We therefore investigated the effect of Flow Disc on the arrangement of water molecules. We commissioned the research from a renowned, authorised specialist laboratory in Switzerland. The research was carried out on various water samples. One that stood directly on the Flow Disc and another that was 2.5 meters away from it and stood on a switched-on WiFi router. The Swiss lab also established a specific procedure. The water was exposed to the Flow Disc for exactly 3 hours. It was then frozen and further examined by their special technology.

Here we can see photos of water structure that:

                  • A) stood on the Flow Disc for 3 hours
                  • B) was 3 meters away from the FLow Disc and stood on a switched-on WiFi router for 3 hours
                  • The blurred parts of the crystal images are created by focusing the lens to only one particular certain distance

A) regular crystals of water that stood on the Flow Disc for 3 hours

B) water that stood for 3 hours on a switched-on WiFi router 3 m from the Flow Disc

The fact that the Flow Disc can eliminate over 90% of harmful WiFi router radiation literally shocks us. Another shocker is that the molecular structure of water, which has been hit for 3 hours by a switched on WiFi router, which has been located 3 meters from the Flow Disc all this time, also creates organized and beautiful structured Crystals. Although they are not as beautiful and as regular as the water that stood directly on the FLow Disc, it is still a phenomenal result.

the broad spectrum of Flow Disc action

֍ SHAPING RADIATOR connects Sacred Geometry to Source, puts energy flow into FLOW state

֍ CCB BLEND, charges, vitalizes and harmonizes with its special material and crystalline composition

֍ TRACE METALS, deliver trace amounts of carbon to the feet through the pores

֍ RADIATION CLEANSER contains 1.1 kg of Barite, which effectively cleanses the area of harmful radiation

֍ MASSAGE PROFILE relieves stress through foot massage points

֍ SUPPORTS MEDITATION PROCESSES, with the Flow Disc you can consciously develop meditation states and processes

֍ There is nothing like the concrete personal experience of Flow Disc users. Here you will find their evaluation of the effects

CCB Human Relax revitalizing blend in combination with the powerful FLOW DISC Shape Radiator is suitable for broad-spectrum protection, remediation, relaxation and healing. FLOW DISC e.g. under the office desk, is literally a blessing for tired feet, and however tired organism. Some people can clearly perceive the pleasant effects (vitalizing effects) of the special CCB blend just by standing on it. It is well felt when one stands on the FLOW DISC, and then steps on, for example, to regular concrete. After stepping on regular concrete, one feels like putting on a backpack. Suddenly it feels like it’s getting heavier. FLOW DISC IN THE BATHROOM. The vitalising effects of the CCB Human Relax mix (e.g. in the FLOW DISC version) can be further enhanced by combining it with water. Water is the miraculous substance in the Universe. Water can purify and recharge. With water, we can experience a complete recharge. Women feel it very well. That’s why they often subconsciously reach for an energy cleanse in the shower after an unpleasant experience. When this principle of cleansing with water in the shower is added to the principle of vitalization and harmonization through the feet standing on the FLOW DISC from the CCB vitalizing blend, the cleansing effects of water and FLOW DISC are mutually multiplied.

effect on the soles of the feet

The height profile of the FLOW DISC is designed to allow the soles of the feet to find different types of stimulation. In addition to pressure acupressure, activation and energy transfer also occur. Some people feel that as heat or warmth. For a conscious massage of the reflex points, you can download a map of the specific reflex areas of the two foot pads below.



In addition to pressure acupressure, various types of energy are also activated and transferred. Some people feel them as warmth or heat. Flow Disc can bring enormous gifts to the body in moments when a person is tired from prolonged work sitting at the computer. When work on the PC is interrupted for a while, even just for 5 minutes, and a person steps on the Flow Disc (ideally with bare feet or in socks) and massages the Flow Disc for 5 minutes (like when, for example, “stepping on cabbage”) , so after only 5 minutes there is such a massive and complex regeneration that he can continue his work in a completely new and relaxed setting.

Image taken with a thermal camera after a short self-massage of the soles of the feet on the Flow Disc. The lighter the colour in the image, the higher the temperature the thermal imager measured. A distinct thermal circuit, called a “halo,” has formed at the edge of the Flow Disc. Very interestingly, this is not a gradual spread of heat from the center to the edge, but a transfer of energy by jumping right to the edge. It is as if the energy is actually transferred there within the spherical area (halo). The Flow Disc retained this energy circuit long after the person had left.

the activation of the DNA codes


Flow Disc works in many ways and on many levels. It brings different gifts to each person at any given moment.

Consciously using Flow Disc significantly deepens the level of effects. Being able to “zero in” on current states, brings possibilities for new and more harmonious realignments that can be all the more profound and beneficial the more consciously we can work with Flow Disc.

To this end, we have prepared a professional audio video that illustrates how Sacred Geometry is projected in the design of the Flow Disc as a powerful form emitter of Sacred Geometry. This video includes special music to support extra-sensory processes


relaxation and Binaural AudioVideos for Flow Disc


We have also prepared other options for activating subliminal codes. These are relaxing audio videos with very deep effects.  You can choose from a total of five different variants. These are one basic broad-spectrum relaxation Audiovideo and four special binaural Audiovideos.(Binaural = a different, specially phase-shifted soundtrack goes into each ear). All variations are free to download and use whenever you want to consciously work on yourself in depth. In such deeper inner work on oneself, there is a gradual recollection of the Essence of Being at the level of subliminal DNA Codes. Later on, you may only need to think of the meditative states spent with the Flow Disc, or its accompanying AudioVideo, or hear only the Audio. Whichever of these you recall, you will thereby activate within yourself a part of its potential. And thanks to the Subliminal Codes, harmonizing inner processes will begin to work within you. The key is to become aware of the context. For example, it is now known that brain neurons can grow new even in adulthood, and even regardless of age! However, there are two necessary conditions for this. 1) one has to work mentally on a regular basis, and 2) one has to get one’s brain into states of deep meditation on a regular basis. Note: When using Flow Disc in practice, one interesting aspect becomes apparent. The potential of using Flow Disc is significantly related to the ability to “know how to rejoice” (meaning in general, in life). We wish you much success in your inner work on yourself.

RELAXATION level ( ∞ Hz )


Classical Audio

headphones not needed


Classic broad-spectrum relaxation effects. Universal activity. Relaxation, relief. Hormones with harmonizing (healing) effects and influences are produced. Mental and psychological relaxation. Reduction of heart rate and blood pressure. Calmer breathing.


ALPHA level (8 – 14 Hz)


Binaural Audio

headphones are required


Concentration and brain productivity. Increases learning ability. Relaxation. Reduction of stresses and anxieties. Maintains a positive mindset. Makes it easier to engage in activities. Everything goes more naturally, easily and seemingly effortlessly as one is in a state of flow (Flow state)


BETA level (14 – 30 Hz)


Binaural Audio

headphones are required


Beta are high-frequency brain waves that help to increase alertness and concentration. Conscious concentration on the outside world. Improving memory. Attention is effectively focused. Analytical thinking and factual problem-solving.                                                         .


DELTA level (1 – 4 Hz)


Binaural Audio

headphones are needed


Delta is the state with the lowest frequency. Deep sleep. Healing and pain relief. Deep regeneration of the body down to the cellular level. Meditation and deep relaxation, Decrease cortisol, and increase DHEA hormone. Stress relief. Access to the subconscious mind.             .


THETA level (4 – 8 Hz)


Binaural Audio

headphones are needed


Developing Intuition. Creativity. Meditation. A state without thoughts. Consciousness is partially subdued. Corresponds to the REM stage of sleep. A deep to hypnotic state where the subconscious opens and catecholamines are produced to promote deep learning and deep memory.


Visual Meditation

neutralization of dark energies

Flow Disc also works, among other things, in the hexagon region, as a very powerful shape radiator, one of the basic Cosmic Shape Radiators*. The principle of the arrangement of 144 x 9 hexagons in the Flow Disc (1296 hexagons in total) directs the energies into an overall light-neutral arrangement. The Flow Disc can thus serve as a protection against the destructive effects of such hexagonal structures, such as the dishonest use of hexagonal graphene nanostructures secretly implemented into the bodies of humans and living organisms and the environment in general.

* See below in the video or here at 7:21 – 7:40 to see the hexagons inside Merkaba. And at time 7:48 you will see one whole Merkaba disintegrate into a single hexagon. And conversely, if we project backwards, we would fold the whole Merkaba into a hexagon.

biophysical methods for measuring effects

EAV – (Electroacupuncture according to Voll) – Using “Electroacupuncture according to Voll” the conductivity of the tissue at the acupuncture end points of the fingers is measured. The measurement provides information about the functional status of the corresponding organ system. A second measurement, in which the test material is introduced into a sample tester, can demonstrate the influence of the material. Some materials (e.g., ordinary concrete) can trigger different stresses depending on the disposition, for example, on the circulatory system, the cardiac system, the pulmonary system, or the colon. However, these stresses disappear when Carbometum® is added.


Bioresonance – Bioresonance measurements investigate the biophysical interaction between people and material.

In particular, the extent of resonance and dissonance are measured.

It has been shown, for example, that a conventional building mix to which a special vitalizing admixture of Carbometum® enriched with, among other things, components of the five elements is added, leads to an optimal material composition from a bioenergetics perspective, comparable to unfired clay. Energy flows naturally.


GDV(gas molecule discharge visualization) – “Each of us creates and moves an energy field that radiates outward.

With GDV gas discharge technology, it is possible to measure and analyze bioenergy as a whole and in relation to specific organs and organ systems.

With the development of GDV, a scientific measuring device has been developed that enables reliable work in the field of energy field research and in bioenergetics” With this method, the vitality of a person can be measured and visualized. With the Carbometum®, the bioenergetic field clearly gains in intensity.