Relaxation is seen as a necessary part of life in an age whose technology and demands put people under constant pressure and stress.

The project called HumanRelax wants to develop and offer people products that promote deep relaxation associated with achieving a FLOW state.

The CCB Vitalizing Blend and subsequently the FLOW DISC from the CCB blend were developed by the combined forces of the SERAPHINE CENTRE and VIAHUMAN, which combines an interest in energy processes, energy-harmonizing products and Cosmic Principles in general.

The combination of the experience and personal attunement of both entities has resulted in the creation of a new joint project and a new brand HUMAN RELAX, which sponsors and produces FLOW DISC.


Other upcoming FLOW products

FLOW means connection and flow of energy. One of the reasons why the energy flows so strongly in FLOW DISC is the special CCB blend it is made of (40% pure Crystal, 20% Barite, Carbomethum®, super pure Gold, super pure Platinum… )

This extraordinary vitalizing blend directly attracts and invites to be used in other products and in other ways. One interesting option is to offer people bagged CCBmixture, e.g. to create a floor in the shower area, where the energetic vitalising mixture in contact with water and bare feet is particularly meaningful.

We can already see a great influence in the hexagonal relief on the surface of the Flow Disc. Among other things, it has elements of nature’s Golden Section, similar to the sunflower flower, and at the same time the basic principles of sacred cosmic geometry. The relief can be used as an extremely powerful Shape Radiator and we would like to offer it made of a different material (to make it light) to hang on the wall. The shape of the radiator could thus act in the space, for example at head level somewhere in the office, and it could also be a design decoration of the office.

We are also trying to apply surface hard flake gold, Silver in combination with Carbometum, to FLOW DISC. We are currently carrying out stress tests to determine whether this surface treatment can withstand long-term stresses.

There seem to be many possible uses for the special CCB blend, and that’s a good thing. It is a pleasure to be there and to be able to create like this.

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