shape and its action

principles contained in the geometry of Flow Disc


  • The Flower of Life
  • The Sacred Golden Section
  • The Cosmic Code of Creation 1 4 4
  • Pyramids
  • Merkaba
  • Sacred Platonic Bodies
  • Seed of Life
  • Cosmic numerology

Sacred Geometry, Shape Radiators, Mathematical Formulas, Physical Equations, Cosmic Codes, Energy Gates … all intertwined. Everything relates to everything and everything influences everything else. Those who gradually successfully penetrate the secrets of Sacred Geometry, the Cosmic Arms of the Primordial Energies gradually open to them.

Since ancient times, mankind has used the mysterious powers of the Shape Radiators. Various spirals, Pyramids, Circles, Merkabas, Triangles (God’s eye in a triangle) … all of these act on the surrounding energies and these, in turn, act back on a man. The stronger the Shape Radiator used, the stronger the energy effects are activated. It could also be said that the more the Shape Radiator approaches the Geometric Structure in its geometry, on the basis of which the subtle energies arise from the immaterial forces, and subsequently, the gross energies of our World arise from the subtle energies, the more such a Shape Radiator is then connected to the Source and the more powerful it is in its effects.

Every element and literally every detail of the Flow Disc has undergone a gradual evolution. It is not only the visible Shapes and lines of Sacred Geometry that are incorporated into the Flow Disc’s shape. For example, the circles of the hexagons gradually change their height. The change in the height of the hexagons corresponds to the values of the Golden Section principle.

Sacred Geometry is in fact Sacred Mathematics. Therefore, the Sacred Geometry of the Flow Disc also exhibits a very strong Mathematical connection. And since everything is related to everything, Sacred Mathematics (Divine Mathematics) is also Sacred (Cosmic) Numerology. The elements used in the Flow Disc therefore give extremely strong meanings also in terms of Cosmic Numerology.

To illustrate and better understand the embedded principles of Sacred Geometry in the Flow Disc, we have created a 13-minute audio video together with conscious professionals for the Flow Disc, in which the principles are illustrated.

Here you will find our tips for further in-depth exploration of the Cosmic Principles.

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Flow Disc numerology sample

Weight 5,5 kg, diameter 417 mm, total 144 6 agled 9 degree Pyramids, 3 vibrating waves, 1 the seed of life

A total of 6 Circles of 24 elements (6 x 24 = 144). Each Circle (360°) is made up of 24 elements + 1 central element (Seed of Life).So in total 24 + 1 = 25 elements. And we see that 360: 25 = 14.4°. The diameter of the Disc is 417 and this is exactly the Solfeggio Frequency of 417 Hz, which corresponds to the Solmization syllable RE.

This frequency works with the following attributes:

Reversing the situation and facilitating changes. Resonance and empathy. It dissolves alienation from God. Returns to the right path. Clears trauma. Erases past destructive influences. Removes limiting feelings. Supports cells and DNA. Allows them to reach their full creative potential.

It seems we have been allowed to prepare a Shape Shifter so powerful we never dreamed it would be. The FLOW DISC Shape Radiator contains the most powerful principles of the Sacred Geometry that create our World. The FLOW DISC connects through Sacred Geometry directly to the SOURCE of CREATION. People who have the gift of seeing subtle energies, for example, describe that SPIRIT and rainbow colours float around the FLOW DISC. This is often a sign of a pure, Harmonious arrangement. And what is harmonious harmonizes, or heals.

The Sacred Platonic Bodies